Tackling teenage depression

One of the main topics I guess you could state – “I have experience in” is depression, after experiencing a variety of moments I wish could be forgotten. Being a teenager nevertheless, I do understand how common it is to undertake such feelings and I believe if you are also experiencing such pain you really need to believe this too.

I’m not a scientist so please don’t quote me on this but at the teenage age your hormones are running wild. Depression is often caused because of this – and this is why it is so common (if you were wondering – which you probably weren’t). I thought I would just inform you on this as it may help you to understand that you’re not alone. Depression is difficult, constantly feeling alone, down and upset isn’t really a highlight of your life. However, you can make it a highlight of your life by getting it sorted once and for all. If your depression is severe and you are becoming suicidal it is extremely (and I can’t stress the importance of this enough) that you go and see your doctor/ GP immediately to seek advice. Another alternative is regularly greeting with a councilor to help support you (this also applies if you are cutting or hurting yourself deliberately in any form). Otherwise, here is your advice 😉

1) Sport. Sport helps literally everything – your health, moral, it reduces stress and it can make you a better person. Find a sport you love and get going immediately 🙂

2) Tell someone (an adult or a friend) about how you are feeling, they could offer you advice – especially if you aren’t ready to confront your parents or your GP.

3) Find a hobby like playing a musical instrument to give you something to look forward to do after a long stressful day.

4) Go and bake something yummy – I don’t know whether this is just a personal thing but I find baking really enjoyable and it helps me reduce my stress rates while also having a scrumptious snack all to myself 😉

5) DON’T PUT ON A FAKE SMILE. Express yourself, when you are upset don’t be afraid to admit it – don’t keep everything bottled up. If you aren’t happy about something confront the person or problem and tackle it. (As long as it doesn’t involve: physical actions – which is never a good option, hurting someone physically or mentally deliberately or hurting yourself further – please don’t do anything you will further regret)

If anyone ever has any extra tips you would like to share or has any issues they would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to send me a quick email on elinorholmes@hotmail.co.uk

– Stay healthy and happy –




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