Ten reasons to be happy

So, quite a few of you guys have asked me to post more regularly now, and I will definitely try to upload a lot more but I can’t quite guarantee a number to it yet (days in between each post). I promise however, I will try my very best 🙂

As well as the above, a couple of people have asked for me to make an Instagram account to go hand-in-hand with this blog. I currently have one up and running my username is – ‘hidying’ however I have a personal as well called – ‘1.13pm’ feel free to check out both of them and give them a follow. Following back the first 10 (new) follows on each account (starting now). 🙂

Unhappiness, for a person like you, should be a word that is unfamiliar, and the feelings attached to it should be simply sympathetic towards other people. It should not be depressing for your own past. The fact that being unhappy is really difficult is definitely the pure reason as to why my blog today is about reasons to happy. Although, sometimes it is (I guess) good to be upset in circumstances such as loosing a friend or family member you should never, ever be unhappy for a long period of time no matter what – nothing is worth more than one cry. I hope these help cheer you up 🙂 –

1) You’re freaking hot – inside and out; and you don’t have to count your tears to see that.

2) People who have been assholes to you, they will get asshole back sooner or later in their life and regret being the issue. It’s karma – “what goes around, comes around” you’ve just got to be patient and wait for that apology.

3) You’re freaking gorgeous and anyone who tells you otherwise is reason you know you are. It’s jealously and sometimes when people get jealous they get quite cruel – but you’ll soon learn to deal with people like that, trust me. 🙂

4) Somebody out there is waiting for a boy/girl exactly like you. You have been paired up with someone and one day you are going to cross paths and never shed a tear again.

5) I love you loads and I’m always here if you need to talk about anything in the world – any issues, any opinion, any confusion, feedback, advice or maybe just a friendly chat because, I love you guys and I always want to be here for you no matter what. I don’t just want to be a blogger – I want to be a friend.

6) In ten years you are going to be completely in love with the man/woman of your dreams. Who knows, maybe you will be married and have beautiful children of your own. All negative feelings will be distant.

7) Last night, someone stayed up dreaming about you being theirs they just haven’t admitted it yet. Who knows, maybe you dream about them too 💓

8) Cold and rainy nights at home, reading your favourite book with a steaming cup of tea.

9) You’re still breathing, still winning, still fighting and that is such an achievement after all you have gone through. You’re ahead and the finish line of this depression is in sight, on the other side there is only happiness; you’re nearly there – don’t give up now.

10) If today is the worst day of your life, then that must mean that tomorrow shall be better. Things can only go up – don’t loose hope.

– “I hope one day you are as happy as you’re pretending to be” –


Ellie (:

p.s no fake smiles today – express yourself and emotions 😉

p.s today’s blog was pretty bad but I am writing a rather large blog currently and this is just something I thought I just wanted quickly write up in between due to your requests 🙂


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