My thoughts on suicide

Feeling suicidal is an emotion that nobody should ever have to go through. To value your life less than any other humans’ and to feel as if others value your life less is something that needs support immediately. Every 40 seconds somebody will take their own life.That is a statistic that nobody will ever or should ever be proud of. The fact that we allow others to get the extend that they don’t want to breath anymore because they feel worthless and are struggling to find a reason to live is beyond disgusting. The fact we think bullying is “okay”, judging people “doesn’t matter” and upsetting one deliberately is “the least of our worries” is horrendous. Depressing somebody due to your actions is terrible as it is already, but forcing someone to take their own life is unbelievably wrong.

I know that I am not the only one who has been told to “kill myself” and I know how hard it is to believe that I have a reason to live just as much as they do. I am aware of the pain, the agony and the feeling you contain that nobody cares for you, and making somebody feel like that and not even flinching at the fact you are responsible for those thoughts is the reason I have nightmares.

You don’t have to have tell somebody to kill themselves to become an insulting part of the reasoning behind the statistics, you could simply joke about suicide. Tell a half-hearted joke that was supposed to amuse but simply led to more pain and tears. You could be aware of the suicidal thoughts that others are having – and do nothing about it. You could watch bullying occur or even join in – and not help the victim. There is definitely a list of reasons you are a part of the issue, perhaps it is rather long. Nevertheless no list could be longer than the one that states the things you can do to save a soul; and it all starts with telling a responsible adult.

If we continue to be irresponsible with our behavior towards others, perhaps soon there will be no ‘others’ to be irresponsible to. (In other words, if your maturity and kindness declines so does your popularity).

To all those who are suicidal, please, don’t close this down yet.

What you are experiencing sucks; but I’m not here to tell you that, there’s no point in telling you something that you already know. I promise you though, it will get better. I know you will have been told that a thousand times, but I can’t empathize it enough. Next year, or the year after you will be back to your happy self and everything will be beautiful again. I understand your current thoughts are dark, the beauty of the earth is over shadowed by your sadness and the whole world has become a darker picture – but it won’t always be like this.

You are gorgeous and the world will never see another person like you again. I love you so much and I am always here if you ever need to talk about anything in the world ( Please, don’t let them win though, every day you complete is a day closer to happiness and every tear of sadness you shed is a waterfall closer to laughter.

I promise you now, that I will upload a blog very soon on how to tackle suicidal thoughts (it will be in a lot more depth) – but please hold on until then.

I am so sorry that this blog is rather brief, I have had a lot of homework to complete and although the excuse is pathetic I do struggle to find the spare time. My aim at the moment is to post every 4 days, nevertheless I can’t promise that all the time, I’m very sorry. 😦

– “Self harm or suicide is never the answer. Don’t let the haters win.” ~ Korn –

ily and stay strong,

Ellie (:


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