Tackling negative feelings on a Sunday night

This is a bit of a one-off post because I have the temptation of just turning into a blogger with endless possibilities as to what I could post. I have changed my mind for the simple reason that I don’t attend concerts every week and therefore I’d only be posting a couple of times a month, so perhaps a blog with no set subject would be most convenient nevertheless I shall too be posting concert reviews.

Simply, today I thought I would just give you all a Sunday evening reminder, because I know that school isn’t very easy for some of you to convince yourself to attend. I would like to firstly point out that for educational purposes you must attend; but that’s quite blunt not taking into account feelings and emotions attached to a building of education. You must take my word for this – I know how you feel because that feeling isn’t just a Sunday evening ‘thing’ for me, and it probably isn’t for you either for whatever unpleasant reason. If you are getting bullied at school, being teased, taken advantage of, feeling constantly alone – that’s okay, well it’s not okay, but it’s normal. What you must remember, is that it won’t be like this forever and when you get through school – which for you information you will – all of this will be over and everything will be back to normal and okay like it used to be.

Lots of teens nowadays take their lives at such young ages when they have such potential, and it’s not right. Bullying and tormenting is escalating and so are the figures (of lives lost). If I could, I would look you straight in the eye now but obviously on the internet it’s not exactly physically possible. You must and I’m pleading you now, remember this – you are a human being, not a statistic. You shouldn’t have to take your life and give in to bullying and being hurt, you have the gift on life, don’t mourn over the fact that at this current period it is not at it’s best because hey, you’re still breathing aren’t you. However as soon as you put that gun to your head, hunni you aren’t a human anymore – how can a human be so cold and lifeless? No, you are another statistic to add to the rest. Is that who you want to be? Because I see the potential of being someone amazing in your eyes.

Every single time, you feel down  or under the weather, go to your mirror and stare at your reflection. Ignore the tears and the running nose, just glare into your eyes and say “I’m freaking alive, and no matter what you say or do, it’s going to stay this way for a long time now” and don’t just say it, you have got to believe it. Got it? Great.

If at any point during your life you are struggling and just generally need help for whatever reason in the world – you need to inform someone. I say inform, but really it’s just a ‘tell’, you can contact ChildLine online, by phone or through email – easier done than said. However, if you aren’t up for it, tell a teacher or a responsible adult at school, home or in general anyone you can trust. If aren’t ‘feeling that’ either feel free to send me an email or drop me a message – it can be as brief as you want, as detailed as you want and you don’t even have to mention your name 🙂 My email address is – elinorholmes@hotmail.co.uk nothing extraordinary but it does the job.

I hope your tomorrow is better than you expect.

– keep smiling –


Ellie (: